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Intelligent detection line
Intelligent detection line
Our independent research and development of the first automatic intelligent detection line, has applied for 3 national patents, involving 11 automatic inspection projects, the first time the introduction of equipment level using laser detection direction to the level, It can establish a model-specific database, automatically adjust the front and rear axle distance of the equipment by scanning the barcode of the vehicle model, and increase the simulation climbing test function in the automatic inspection line, which can realize the simulation climbing test by presetting the climbing angle and adjusting the roller resistance, and the equipment test cycle is 90 seconds. It can meet the needs of 400 vehicle inspections in 10 hours, and the detection data is related to the MES system to realize the synchronization of detection results and detection vehicle data, which can not only save labor costs but also effectively improve product quality, and can effectively improve product consistency through the use of automation equipment.

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