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Four doors and two covers test bench
Four doors and two covers test bench
The actuator of the four-door two-cover durability test bench is mainly used for side doors, trunk lids/hatchback doors, fuel filler caps and their door hinges, door locks, fuel filler ports for various cars, SUVs and MPVs under normal temperature conditions. Comprehensive performance and durability test of cover shaft and other accessories. Tests are conducted to verify the durability of side doors and hoods, trunk lids/hatchback doors, fuel filler caps, etc. and accessories of gas vehicles. The fixtures are designed separately.
The white body and real vehicle (passenger car) install the test bench, the installation is scientific and convenient, you can choose to drive or hoist the car directly to the installation platform, and the inspection mechanism can be installed in the real vehicle (passenger car) body condition. Performance and durability test detection.

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