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Body-in-white static stiffness test bench
Body-in-white static stiffness test bench
The body bending and torsion stiffness test bench is mainly used to measure the torsion and bending stiffness of the white body of passenger cars (cars and vans). The test bench is mainly a 6-channel force servo control, 56-channel displacement acquisition system. The car body is fixed by the test fixture, the loading mechanism realizes torsion and bending loading, the torsional stiffness and bending stiffness of the car body are tested, and the deformation amount of the door opening and wind window opening is tested. When the loading force reaches the set target value, the body deformation is collected, and the test is over. Afterwards, the validity of the test results is judged according to the torsion and bending curves drawn by the software, and finally the valid result data is exported, and after further processing and analysis, it is written into the test report, and the relevant test results can be calculated, analyzed, saved and printed.

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