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NVH Chassis Dynamometer
NVH Chassis Dynamometer
The NVH chassis dynamometer system is an NVH chassis dynamometer that can test the performance of light vehicles. The system uses an AC electric dynamometer. Based on the inherent mechanical inertia of the chassis dynamometer itself, it can simulate road resistance with full electric inertia. It can also reproduce the road resistance of the vehicle under test or customize the road resistance. The system is a completely new independent design and development with independent intellectual property rights in accordance with the technical requirements of national standards and European and American certification regulations, referring to the internationally advanced NVH chassis dynamometer Automotive NVH test system. The system uses a fully silent bearing and a dynamometer water-cooling system. The dynamometer itself uses a silencer cover, the foundation cover is soundproofed, and the rotating hub itself is soundproofed with an independent wrapper.

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